hot tub covers

Buying your replacement hot tub cover is easy & secure, just complete your details or give us a call for a technician to come and take your measurement at locations serving your area.

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<<< Check out the top quality specifications of our spa covers and then measure your existing cover:

* Read our easy guide for measurement instruction
– especially if you have rounded corners on your spa lid
* Fill in the dimensions on the order form below using the A/B/C/D/E/F positions from the drawings below for your spa shape
* Ensure you measure to outside of flange
* Strap measurements are taken from the bottom of the skirt.
* A continuous skirt only splits where the cover fold where as a split skirt has a split on each corner (if your spa is tapered out at the top)
* Hinge on covers will always split the longest dimension unless otherwise specified
* Covers greater than 2.4 metres are made by special order – contact us for a quote
* Shapes not shown below can be made to measure – just contact us for a quote
* The red pointers shown on the diagrams below means, unless stated, this is where your handles and lock positions will be

for support and measuring Calgary 587-333-2392

Customers must take full responsibility for providing accurate measurements.

Please double-check all measurements as we will make the cover exactly to your specifications and cannot be responsible for errors other than our own.

Easy Guide for Measuring your Spa Cover!!

  1. Square with Rounded corner hot tub cover

  2. Square Hot tub cover

  3. Two Cut Corners Hot tub cover

  4. Round Hot tub cover

  5. Octagon Hot tub cover

  6. One Cut Corner Hot tub cover

  7. Cut Corners Square or Rectangle Hot tub cover

We have put together a step by step guide for measuring a replacement cover or your tub.

Always measure to the outside of your existing cover/spa.

To measure your width please see diagram below – as a double check, you can measure each half. Please remember to give the full width measurement.

Corners on your spa/existing cover. We have prepared three sizes of Radius Corners

a) Align the radius template either on the spa/existing cover, if the corner is correct this will give you the correct radius. However should none of the following templates fit, you can do the following
b) Take the next size of template* (which will be too big) and with a marker pen, draw on the template the ‘arch’ and cut down to suit.If the 3 templates provided are all the wrong size and shape, please take a piece of A4 paper, align this to the edge of the spa/existing cover and with a marker pen draw the curve, this will give an arch which is the curved radius.

* If you would like a “Radius Template Kit” sent to you before you order your replacement cover please complete your details below or call us on Calgary 587-333-2392

  • The new cover straps may not match the old straps and clip locations
  • The skirt measurement must not include the hard cover
  • Many older spa covers they are only 2″ thick and not tapered, unlike the thicker tapered covers we supply.
  • we offer local measurement service
  • We offer a collection and disposal service for your old hot tub cover $80

-If you have any questions about how to measure or which cover to select please do not hesitate to call us Calgary 587-333-2392 .