hot tub refurbishing

In the field we come across makes of hot tubs that are in the year range where considerable work is required to bring it back up to par. The question often asked is if it is worth repairing and or rebuilding and should I add new features that newer tubs have.

Hot tubs are simply put, like cars. they depreciate, act up, need maintenance and have an operational cost to them. Like cars, hot tubs have time frame where repairs seem to be an ongoing theme. Frustration with the hot tub only increases as the hot tub repair man makes more regular appearances.

So in comparison to your car we can assume the life cycle of the hot tub approximation is 10 – 15 yrs before some major components,internals and overall deterioration will cause your hot tub to have continued operational issues. the cost are similar as well. If you buy a higher end model grade product from a reputable manufacturer expect a longer life on the hot tub versus a blow out tent sale or warehouse wholesaler .

Like the car, a good hot tub preventive maintenance program ensures small issues do not cascade into larger issues down the line. Yearly inspections , a good water chemistry program and due diligence are the key to a long hot tub life , just like your car.

We can make some assumptions for example that a hot tub that has been looked after may need a new spa pack (computer) and pump , but will perform admirably for some time to come saving you thousands of dollars buying a new hot tub. Best of all , You are able to add on newer features such as L.E.D lights ,stereos,t.v and other new cool features that newer tubs have.

Some things to consider for your older tub

1. make and model reputable ?

2. annual inspections performed ?

3. water chemistry been in check ?

4. preventative maintenance performed ?

5. did you like the tub performance when it was in regular operation ?

6. does my hot tub get good use for the money ?

7. what am I prepared to put out for a new tub ?

8. How much is the repair or rebuild and additional new options ?

9. how much life does the repair or rebuild add to the life of the tub ?

10. how much time am I looking at for repairs ?

These questions when answered will give you a good idea if your hot tub or your make of hot tub is worth repairs , rebuilding or if you are in the market for a new hot tub. happy tubing

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