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Western Tub and Pool offers different types of sanitation upgrade installs for any make and model hot tub. typically these are set up as stand alone systems so they do not interfere the heating or circulation systems. for more info please call 403-248-0777

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Bromine Salt water generator upgrade

The In.Clear Generator is a bromine based water sanitation system for hot tubs.

IN.CLEAR is one of the most efficient water sanitation systems in the industry. It features 2 operating modes and programmable low level settings. IN.CLEAR is very easy to handle and is also low maintenance. This bromine generator eliminates the need to add bromine or chlorine in your spa on a regular basis saving you time and money in the long run. The IN.CLEAR bromine generator does not product any offensive odors & will reduce eye irritation caused mainly by chlorine.

IN.CLEAR kit includes:
•IN.CLEAR salt generator
•k200 keypad (0605-300001)
•2 Bromicharge bottles 3.5 lbs

how it works

When BromiCharge is added to the water, it separates into sodium ions and bromide ions. As the water passes through the in.clear bromine generator, a low-voltage source supplies a current that electrolytically reduces the bromine ions into bromine which reacts with the water molecules to form free bromine. Bromine is known to be a highly effective bactericide and algaecide. This process releases bromide ions back into the water for continuous recycling until the the spa is emptied. It is important to note that the amount of bromine needed will vary in direct proportion to the number of bathers in the spa (bather load).

This package includes equipment and install
Western Tub and Pool bromine generator upgrade 403-248-0777
For more info please call Calgary service center at 403-248-0777

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