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Professional repairs parts service for your hot tub, jetted tub and pool.
Calgary 587-333-2392
Other cities 1-877-440-9378

Services and Rates

Services Basic Rates
Hot Tub / Pool Parts
Hot Tub / Pool Repairs
Hot Tub / Pool Chemicals
Hot Tub / Pool Advice/Support
Hot Tub / Pool Installation
Hot Tub / Pool Closing and Opening
Hot Tub / Pool Move
Call Out
Labour ( booked )
Out of local service area rate per KM
Emergency after 3 pm labour
Inspection ( annual )
Filter cleaning
Chemical Balancing
Payment on major repairs and overhauls can be paid in installments.

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Calgary service affiliates surrounding area ensure no km charges are incurred for calgary and bedroom communities.

Referral Bonus : $80 added to persons account referring client requiring service that is rendered. no multiple bonus for same client.